Tilt-and turn window hardware

The tilt-and turn window hardware is comprised of two major parts. The first is the sash. The sash is the hinged and moveable panel that holds the glass. Most of the operating hardware is built into the sash. The operating handle or lever is also attached to the sash. The sash is attached to the second major part of the window, which is the frame. The frame is installed into the wall, and does not move. The sash, through a series of ledges and gaskets, nests snugly inside of the frame. The unique tilt and turn hardware attaches the sash to the frame at several points. The hardware allows the sash to be either locked into the frame, swing out of the frame as an inswing window, or to tilt towards the interior as a ventilator. Tilt-and turn window hardware are known for their simplicity and practicality. They can either swing open like a door or tilt inwards for ventilation with a simple turn of our ergonomic handles. 

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